Dante’s Wood

A troubled psychiatrist turns investigator when a young patient confesses to murder.

Psychiatrist Mark Angelotti knows that genes don’t lie.  Or do they?

Back at work after a devastating illness, Mark believes he has put his past behind him when he is asked to examine Charlie Dickerson, a mentally handicapped teenager whose wealthy mother insists is a victim of sexual abuse.  Mark diagnoses a different reason for Charlie’s ills, but his prescription turns deadly when a teacher is murdered and Charlie confesses to the police.

Volunteering to testify on Charlie’s behalf, Mark’s worst fears are realized when paternity tests show the victim was pregnant with Charlie’s child.  Now it’s up to Mark to prove Charlie’s innocence in a case where nothing is as first meets the eye.

Not even genes — Mark’s or Charlie’s — can be trusted to shine a light on the truth.

“Stunning . . . One of the best mystery debuts since V.I. Warshawski solved her first case.”Mystery Scene Magazine

“A real keeper.” — Library Journal Starred Review and Mystery Debut of the Month

“The trial scenes and dialogue with lawyers bristle with realism, and the book climaxes with a surprising twist.” — Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

“Angelotti’s smart-aleck tendencies and unswerving dedication to his vulnerable client — as well as an exciting climax — keep the reader turning the pages.” — Publishers Weekly

“If you cross Christie’s And Then There Were None, Grisham’s The Firm and Harris’ The Silence of the Lambs, you might get something like [this].” — RT Book Review

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