Dante’s Poison

Blind psychiatrist Mark Angelotti has just enrolled in a drug trial that holds out hope of restoring his eyesight when he again becomes entangled in a case that is rocking the Chicago legal community.

After defending the manufacturer of the powerful antipsychotic drug Lucitrol against product-liability claims, attorney Jane Barrett has become somewhat of an expert on the controversial medication. So when her lover, investigative journalist Rory Gallagher, collapses from a fatal dose of the same drug, it falls to Hallie Sanchez, Barrett’s oldest friend, to defend her on murder charges.

Amid growing doubts about Barrett’s innocence, Hallie recruits Mark Angelotti to help her discredit the testimony of a crucial eyewitness. The pair succeeds in obtaining Barrett’s release, but at a dreadful price.

Mark sets out to investigate who else may have wanted the journalist out of the way. As he gets closer to the truth, he realizes the killer is still on the loose. But two questions remain for Mark: Will the drug trial succeed in restoring his eyesight? More important, will he live long enough to see the case to its end?

Praise for Dante’s Poison:

“The courtroom drama shines in this terrific mystery! Complex, authentic, surprising—and a page-turning master class in character. With his dry wit and heartbreaking vulnerability, this engaging and compelling hero will change your perception and win your heart.” — Hank Phillippi Ryan, Anthony, Agatha, Macavity and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author of THE WRONG GIRL

“A mesmerizing read. Lynne Raimondo navigates the courtroom and the psychiatrist’s office with considerable skill, and in Mark Angelotti she has created one of the most memorable protagonists in crime fiction.” — Brad Parks, Shamus, Nero and Lefty-Award-winning author of THE PLAYER

“Raimondo’s sophomore legal thriller (after Dante’s Wood), methodically paced and intricately constructed, is an engrossing read with twists all the way to the end.” — Library Journal

“Raimondo’s flawed, complex and courageous protagonist refuses to give in to his disability. In fact, his heightened intuition and awareness make him an unusual but compelling detective in this brisk, well-crafted second adventure in the series.” — Kirkus Reviews

“In Raimondo’s well-crafted second Mark Angelotti novel . . . Chicago serves as the distinctive background to this appealing mystery.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“A remarkable novel, with unexpected plot twists that will keep readers guessing. The characters are especially noteworthy, with strong backstories and engaging personalities . . .   Suspenseful and fast-paced, this mystery thriller is highly recommended.” — Mysterious Reviews

“DANTE’S POISON is a remarkable storyline that looks at the controversial side of prescription medications and medical ethics; an imaginative tale about a sociopathic mind and the lengths one will go to to avenge the past; and an intimate look at a man whose own past is darker than the world in which he now lives.”  — The Reading Cafe

“When an author has such a great debut as Raimondo had with DANTE’S WOOD, there’s a bit of trepidation as one picks up the sophomore effort. No worries! The second book in the Mark Angelotti series, DANTE’S POISON, lives up to the high standard set in the first . . . With the psychological expert witness conceit that the series is built upon, Raimondo has set Angelotti up for a future of fascinating investigations.” — Reviewing The Evidence

“I only wish book lovers could get this sooner.” — Kelly Konrad writing on ChicagoNow.

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