Dante’s Dilemma

Blind psychiatrist Mark Angelotti is faced with his most troubling case yet when he is asked to evaluate Rachel Lazarus, the estranged wife of a slain University of Chicago professor.

Months earlier, the professor’s body was found stuffed into one of the exhibits at “Scav,” the school’s world-famous annual scavenger hunt, and – in a feast for the press – missing a vital piece of its anatomy. Though she’s confessed to her husband’s murder, Rachel is mounting a battered woman’s defense.

Forced into helping the prosecution, Mark becomes unsure of his objectivity when his investigation uncovers uncomfortable parallels between Rachel’s history and his own. That concern proves well-founded when his damaging admission at trial all but convicts Rachel. Then a tip connects the case to another suspected murder and evidence that Rachel may not be guilty after all. As he plows ahead during a brutal Chicago winter, Mark soon learns he has far more to worry about than treacherous snow and ice:  someone will do anything to guarantee that Rachel takes the fall.

Praise for Dante’s Dilemma:

“A must read . . . [The] writing is first class and readers will love having to guess the finale right up until the reveal on the very last page.” – Suspense Magazine

“Absorbing . . . Raimondo does a good job highlighting some current academic controversies, but the book’s main strength is the flawed Angelotti, whose self-deprecating, wry humor in the face of his disability serves to offset some decidedly dark subject matter.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Lynne Raimondo was a lawyer with a major Chicago law firm before she left to write mystery novels. It shows in her slick and often savage portrayal of law in this excellent series featuring Dr. Mark Angelotti, a blind psychiatrist also working for a major Chicago law firm. This is the third book in the series – I read it and then promptly went and got the other two.” — Globe and Mail

“[Angelotti] is not, however, merely a blind detective. He is a smart, sarcastic psychiatrist who has solved a couple of crimes and uses a cane to get around. The unusual premise may provide the initial appeal here (there are fascinating details on the tools available to the visually impaired), but Raimondo has fashioned a series that works on multiple levels.” — Booklist

“Arguably the most charming and incisive crime-solver in anybody’s book . . . Nothing about a Raimondo novel is quite as it seems, and Dante’s Dilemma will keep you up long past a sensible bedtime.” — Durango Herald



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