Short bio:

Lynne Raimondo is the author of Dante’s Wood, Library Journal Mystery Debut of the Month, Dante’s Poison, and the recently released Dante’s Dilemma.  Before turning to writing, Lynne was a partner at a major Chicago law firm, the general counsel of Arthur Andersen LLP,  and the general counsel of  the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Long bio:

Lynne Raimondo grew up in Staten Island, New York, not far from the Fresh Kills landfill.  After graduating with honors from New York University in 1978, and New York University School of Law in 1981, she joined the Chicago law firm then known as Mayer, Brown & Platt, becoming a partner there in 1988.

While at Mayer, she wrote thousands of pages of briefs and delivered the oral argument in numerous appeals.  She credits whatever writing ability she has to her colleagues at the firm, who were never shy about covering her drafts in red ink.  Her most newsworthy case was losing to a guy with a funny name who later went on to become President.

In 1998, Lynne left Mayer to join the legal department of Arthur Andersen LLP.  A few years into that job she received a phone call asking her to assist on a little problem brewing down in Houston and . . . well, you’ve probably heard the rest of that story.  Post-Enron, Lynne was appointed Andersen’s General Counsel, responsible for coordinating the firm’s defense in criminal, civil, and regulatory proceedings across the United States.  She can’t tell you much about those years, except that her frequent flier miles soared in inverse proportion to the hours she got to sleep.

In 2003, looking for a fresh challenge, Lynne left Andersen to become the General Counsel of the Illinois Department of Revenue.  It was a great job and a terrific learning experience, but it demanded a lot of face time in Springfield.  After spending the better part of five years in airplanes and hotel rooms, Lynne needed more time with her family.

So in 2004, she bid farewell to state government, thinking she would take a short sabbatical.  One day, while she was mulling over what to do next, she started writing the first pages of the novel that would eventually lead to Dante’s Wood.

Lynne is married to Stanley Parzen, another (and much smarter) lawyer, with whom she shares three grown children.  She divides her time between Evanston, Illinois, and Mount Desert Island, Maine, where she is hard at work on her next Mark Angelotti novel.

Lynne is a proud member of the Mystery Writers of America, Sisters-In-Crime, and the International Thriller Writers.

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