Dante’s Poison Is Out And Getting Great Reviews!


This one from Library Journal:

“Mark Angelotti, a psychologically troubled and newly blinded Chicago psychiatrist, is hired to help with the defense of legal eagle Jane Barrett for the murder of Rory Gallagher, a well-known journalist. It looks like Jane is being framed; Mark’s friend Hallie is Jane’s mentee, and she begs Mark to provide expert testimony. Unfortunately, a vicious attack on Mark and Hallie leaves her in a coma. Mark knows Hallie recognized the attacker, but he, of course, can’t. Concurrently, two troubling suicides by teen patients of one of Mark’s professional colleagues builds a strong secondary plot that might connect with the journalist’s murder. Big Pharma plays a major part in this intense investigation that continually surprises as the story unfolds. VERDICT Raimondo’s sophomore legal thriller (after Dante’s Wood), methodically paced and intricately constructed, is an engrossing read with twists all the way to the end. The author’s legal background brings an authoritative tone, but her strong suit is her take on the blind person’s life challenges.” — Library Journal (May 1, 2014)

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